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Our LMS empowers you to move learning and grading online. Students complete tests, lessons, and assignments on computers, tablets, or smartphones, then their grades are entered directly in your gradebook. You can easily give students individualized lessons and tests to meet their specific learning needs and meet RTI requirements.

Create your own interactive lessons and exercises, quizzes, and district benchmark assessments. Create a curriculum library for your school to share materials. Or browse the EdStore to purchase textbooks and curriculum from publishers.

Have students submit files online, so you can grade everyone’s homework in just a few clicks. Mark up writing assignments by highlighting text and inserting comments from your own custom palette of shortcuts, so grading writing is faster. And students can do the same to give each other peer reviews, or to get feedback from their parents or tutors.

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Why Go Digital
For Teachers
✓  Spend less time grading!
✓  Easier to see if students are reading and comprehending
✓  Textbooks stay up to date, and publishers may optionally let you customize it
✓  Prevent most types of cheating

For Students

✓  More engaging media
✓  No heavy books to lug around
✓  Do homework anywhere, even when they don’t have their backpacks

For Schools

✓  Save paper, less photocopying, less trash
✓  Lower cost than printed books
✓  No lost or damaged books
✓  No book storage required
End-to-End Solution
Our LMS is part of our Jupiter iO all-in-one solution: A student can study a tutorial on their tablet while you monitor their progress, then take an online test, which feeds directly to your gradebook, which feeds into the SIS, where administrators can run analytics to measure the effectiveness.

Or use our simple integration with any 3rd-party SIS to automatically synchronize students, staff, courses, sections, and rosters.

Online Tests
Create your own tests, quizzes, and district benchmark assessments for students to take online. Most text documents can be imported, so it’s easy to convert your old printed materials.
Online Lessons
Create your own interactive tutorials, exercises, and workbooks, including images, audio, and video. Students learn faster because it gives immediate feedback after each answer, and it automatically repeats the questions they missed till they have it mastered.
Automatic Grading
•  Grades are calculated automatically, saving you hours of grading!
•  Write-in questions may be graded automatically, optionally accepting multiple answers, misspellings and incorrect punctuation.
•  Or manually grade write-in questions, with everyone’s answer for the same question on one screen, so it’s faster to grade. Names are optionally hidden to help you grade objectively.
•  Optionally show students their results after completing the test.
•  View an item analysis of each test question to see where most students are confused, or perhaps which questions were misleading.
Homework Calendar & Turn In Box
•  Homework Calendar — Students and parents see homework for all their classes on one screen. It even reminds students of big upcoming assignments, upcoming tests, and overdue homework.
•  Assignment Turn In Box — Students can submit their files online, with the option to download directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. Easy shortcuts let teachers find any new work turned in, and enter grades by clicking instead of typing, so grading is faster.
•  Post Files — Teachers and the office can post files for students and parents to download.
•  Digital File Lockers — Students can save their files online so they can access them from any computer at school or home.
Discussion Forums & Surveys
Have class discussions online, blogs, and Q & A forums like social media. Let students send each other messages for questions and group projects. Also use forums for internal staff or parents. Conduct online surveys with multiple-choice questions for discussions, course evaluations, class elections, parent input, etc.
Mark Essays Online
Highlight text and insert comments directly in writing assignments. Customize shortcuts for common comments, so it's actually faster than marking with a pen! Students can save multiple versions, so you can see their rough drafts.   Try it out!
Peer Reviews & Critiques
Have students post their work online for classmates to comment on, including photos, videos, and audio for art projects and performances. For essays, students can exchange work online to highlight text and insert comments for peer reviews. You can assign random peer reviews, optionally anonymous, or students can initiate their own reviews, even from non-students like parents and tutors.
Students can manage their own portfolios to showcase their best work, including work from multiple classes and even multiple years.
Curriculum Library
Share your materials with other teachers, and create a curriculum library for your school. Or browse the EdStore to buy online curriculum from professional publishers.
Question Types
•  Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True-False, Matching, Sorting, and Write-In
•  Randomize the order of questions and answers.
•  Set time limits, allowing exceptions for students with special needs.
Align test questions to specific standards, so scores are subtotaled by each standard. View analytics to see which standards students are struggling with.
Flipped Classroom
Put your lessons and videos online for students to learn at home, then use class time for activities and to give students individualized help. The interactive questions and multimedia make lessons more engaging and effective than printed materials. This helps students learn the fundamentals faster, so you can spend more time on creative activities.
Prevent Cheating
Your tests and answer keys are totally secure, so students never see them in advance, not even in the HTML source. Optionally install our Lockdown software to prevent web browsing, email, chat, screenshots, copy/paste, printing, app switching, etc.
Response to Intervention
Easily give different lessons and tests to each student. Create and collect a variety of online lessons with different instructional strategies for each student’s specific learning needs. Frequent testing is paperless and hassle-free, so you can see graphs of each student’s progress before, during, and after instruction.
Jupiter is designed for smartphones and tablets, so students can do their homework anywhere, even when they don’t have their backpacks. Or you can print your materials anytime.
Tech Specs
•  Cloud-hosted — Jupiter is cloud-hosted to save you thousands in IT costs, while providing maximum security, reliability, and scalability. We handle all maintenance, backups, and upgrades. No software or installation required, so implementation is fast and easy.
•   Browsers — Compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. (The LMS tests & lessons are not compatible with Internet Explorer 6-8 unless you install Chrome Frame.) No plug-ins required. The optional Juno Lockdown software (to prevent cheating on tests) requires Internet Explorer 9+ for Windows or Safari for Mac.
•   Mobile — Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Teachers can easily enter roll and grades, submit referrals, and monitor tests. Admins can receive referrals and locate students. Students can check grades and homework, and do their online homework anywhere. Parents can check grades, homework, attendance, and discipline.
•  Backups — Our servers are backed up nightly, and grades and attendance are backed up continuously, so you can restore them to any point in time.
•  Reliability — Our servers are optimized to handle millions of students, processing each webpage in less than half a second during peak hours! We use redundant disk drives, routers, and power generators for maximum uptime.
•  Role-based Security — Customize restrictions for teachers, clerks, counselors, AP’s, principals, TA’s, substitute teachers, etc.
•  Support — Technical support is available by phone or email. Because Jupiter is cloud-hosted, we can remotely view your account whenever you need support, and even adjust your settings for you. (For privacy, you may block us from seeing personally identifiable student information.) Most questions are answered in less than one hour.
FERPA & Security
Jupiter is fully FERPA compliant. All data is in your direct control and owned by you exclusively. No data is shared with third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

We use TLS/SSL encryption, and all passwords are salted and hashed for maximum security. We have proven defenses against malicious attacks: XSS, SQL injection, brute force, phishing, DDoS, and other exploits. All logins are logged and cross-referenced to identify suspicious activity and alert you immediately by email.

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This has revolutionized how I teach my high school statistics course.
Robert Ahdoot
New Community Jewish High School, CA

Jupiter is a million times easier, faster, and smoother than the system my university uses. I am able to do more long-answer questions to increase the rigor of my courses, while still reducing the time I spend grading!
Dr. Stephanie Daugherty
University of Texas at Tyler