Turn data into
Jupiter iO Learning Analytics  and data warehousing helps teachers and administrators turn data into decisions: Which curriculum is better? Which teaching methods are more effective? Which students need more help? Instantly compare schools, classes, and demographics. Identify which students need intervention (RTI).

Other systems just show averages and graphs, but Jupiter iO takes it further by analyzing pre-tests, post-tests, control groups, and the distribution of data, to show you with scientific certainty if the differences are statistically significant.

Import state tests, and create your own district benchmark assessments. Learning Analytics is included in the Jupiter iO all-in-one solution, so you can test students online and analyze the results instantly, without any data entry or importing.

Jupiter gives educators the tools necessary to make informed decisions and to support student success in a results-driven environment.

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End-to-End Solution
Learning Analytics is part of the Jupiter iO all-in-one solution: A student can study a tutorial on their tablet while you monitor their progress, then take an online test, which feeds directly to the gradebook, which feeds into the SIS, where administrators can run analytics to measure the effectiveness of both the curriculum and the teacher.
State, District, and Classroom
Import state test scores, create your own district benchmark assessments, and utilize any classroom assessments directly from teachers’ gradebooks. Warehouse and analyze longitudinal data over multiple years.
Compare Schools, Demographics, and Teachers
Reports are pre-configured to instantly compare students by school, gender, race/ethnicity, and other custom groups. Also you can instantly compare each teacher, e.g., showing how each math teachers’ students improved since their math scores from last year.
Jupiter makes it easy to compare how each student improved since the pre-test. This is especially important when comparing different groups of students who may have started at different levels.
Control Groups
Is the new curriculum better? Are the new teaching methods more effective? Jupiter uses advanced statistical formulas to compare two groups of students — an experimental group and a control group — to determine if there is a statistically significant difference.
Statistical Significance
If test scores go up 2%, is that significant, or just random variance? That depends. Jupiter runs a statistical T-test, based on the number of students and standard deviation, so you can scientifically prove whether or not your school is really improving.
Each test may have sub-scores for learning objectives or different subjects. The reports automatically analyze each sub-score and the overall total.
Response to Intervention
Easily identify which students need the most help. By comparing pre-tests and past years, you can even identify which students are showing no improvement, or even declining — patterns which may otherwise be hard to spot.
Teacher Access
Teachers can use any classroom assessment for schoolwide analytics. Plus they can view their students’ test scores, compare their own classes, and even compare their students against the rest of the school or district.
Tech Specs
•  Cloud-hosted — Jupiter is cloud-hosted to save you thousands in IT costs, while providing maximum security, reliability, and scalability. We handle all maintenance, backups, and upgrades. No software or installation required, so implementation is fast and easy.
•   Browsers — Compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. (The LMS tests & lessons are not compatible with Internet Explorer 6-8 unless you install Chrome Frame.) No plug-ins required. The optional Juno Lockdown software (to prevent cheating on tests) requires Internet Explorer 9+ for Windows or Safari for Mac.
•   Mobile — Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Teachers can easily enter roll and grades, submit referrals, and monitor tests. Admins can receive referrals and locate students. Students can check grades and homework, and do their online homework anywhere. Parents can check grades, homework, attendance, and discipline.
•  Backups — Our servers are backed up nightly, and grades and attendance are backed up continuously, so you can restore them to any point in time.
•  Reliability — Our servers are optimized to handle millions of students, processing each webpage in less than half a second during peak hours! We use redundant disk drives, routers, and power generators for maximum uptime.
•  Role-based Security — Customize restrictions for teachers, clerks, counselors, AP’s, principals, TA’s, substitute teachers, etc.
•  Support — Technical support is available by phone or email. Because Jupiter is cloud-hosted, we can remotely view your account whenever you need support, and even adjust your settings for you. (For privacy, you may block us from seeing personally identifiable student information.) Most questions are answered in less than one hour.
FERPA & Security
Jupiter is fully FERPA compliant. All data is in your direct control and owned by you exclusively. No data is shared with third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

We use TLS/SSL encryption, and all passwords are salted and hashed for maximum security. We have proven defenses against malicious attacks: XSS, SQL injection, brute force, phishing, DDoS, and other exploits. All logins are logged and cross-referenced to identify suspicious activity and alert you immediately by email.

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