+ Payments
Simplify your enrollment process, and accept payments online! No more stacks of papers or data entry. Jupiter iO Prime lets you create custom forms for application, enrollment, registration, information packets, permissions, waivers, etc. Parents fill them out on computers, tablets, or even smartphones, without needing to enter redundant information. Receive direct deposits for tuition, donations, uniforms, etc.

These features are in Jupiter iO Prime only, not Jupiter iO Standard.

Custom Forms
Easier for parents: fields are pre-populated for siblings and returning students.
Review data online, then save to SIS automatically.
No more illegible handwriting or data entry.
Smart forms dynamically hide irrelevant sections.
Accept uploaded documents, recommendations, photos, essays and personal statements.
References can submit their letters of recommendation online to ensure applications are complete.
Ready-made forms plus ad-hoc forms throughout the year.
Ensure parents view and complete all sections.
Reports for student application, enrollment, and registration, plus custom reports.
Tuition & Online Payments
Registration fees, course fees, uniforms, lunch payments, field trips, fines, etc.
Easily set everyone's tuition and credits, and monitor payment status.
Require parents to pay certain fees before enrollment & registration can be submitted.
Increase donations with open-ended giving.
Online store for uniforms, spirit swag, etc. Items may be shown for specific grade levels.
Direct deposit into your bank accounts.
Track funds in multiple ledger accounts.
Refund cardholder directly as needed.
Use mobile card reader to accept payments on campus.
Secure & Efficient
Use smartphones, tablets, or computers.
24-hour convenience.
No more risks of cash and checks.
Transparent audit trail.
Industry-standard security for credit cards and personal data.