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Teachers love our gradebook  because it makes grading so much faster and easier, with the flexibility to grade the way you want. That’s why it’s the #1 gradebook for elementary, secondary, and higher ed. All common tasks are streamlined to save you time, so you can focus on what matters: instruction.

Easily record standards-based assessments, take attendance, grade assignments on rubrics, and keep behavior logs. See whose grades are dropping, and email your whole class.

Students and parents can login to check grades and homework, download files, and view announcements and calendar notices. Parents can set alerts for low grades, missing assignments, and absences. By improving school-to-home communications, Jupiter helps your school and your students succeed.

With Jupiter iO, our gradebook is a seamless extension of our SIS, or integrate it with any 3rd party SIS.

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End-to-End Solution
Our gradebook is part of our Jupiter iO all-in-one solution: A student can study a tutorial on their tablet while you monitor their progress, then take an online test, which feeds directly to your gradebook, which feeds into the SIS, where administrators can run analytics to measure the effectiveness.

Or use our simple integration with any 3rd-party SIS to automatically synchronize students, staff, courses, sections, and rosters.

Online Access & Email
•  Parent/Student Portal — Parents and students can login anytime to check their current grades and homework. Everyone has their own password, so grades are always private. Everything is updated live, so you never need to upload anything.
•  Email & Text Messages — Send progress reports and messages directly from Jupiter to parents and students.
Email Alerts
Parents may receive automatic email or text alerts whenever their child is absent, missing assignments, has low grades, or has a discipline incident. Students can too.
Spanish Translation
Everything is translated automatically for Spanish-speaking parents and students, including report cards, comments, email, and text alerts.
Elementary, Secondary, College
Our gradebook has specialized settings for multiple-subject classes, single-subject classes, and college/adult education.
•  Each teacher grades their own subject on report cards, so the homeroom teacher doesn’t need to.
•  Create your own rubric charts and scales, and share them with colleagues.
•  Customize letter grades or numeric grade scales.
•  Customize weighted or unweighted categories.
•  Set weighted grading periods and exams.
•  Customize special marks for missing work, excused assignments, etc.
•  Set default grading options for the whole school.
•  Set different grade settings for different classes.
•  Enter scores as points, percents, grades, rubrics, even adjustments (25+2 or 40-5%).
•  Drop low scores automatically.
•  Override or adjust the total grade for each student.
•  Curve grades for any assignment.
•  Create independent study assignments for one or a few students.
•  Graph how each assignment raises or lowers the student’s grade.
•  At-a-glance see whose grades have gone up recently and whose have fallen.
•  Show students "What If" scores so they can see what they would need to reach a certain grade.
•  Common Core State Standards are pre-loaded.
•  Aligns tests and assignments to specific objectives, so report cards are calculated automatically, and teachers and admins can monitor student progress anytime.
•  Calculate students’ latest levels achieved, as advocated by Dr. Robert Marzano.
•  Take roll online by seating chart or roll sheet.
•  Use a tablet or smartphone to take roll anywhere.
•  Attendance grades are calculated automatically.
Seating Charts
•  Easy click-n-drop seating charts.
•  Unlike most other systems, seats are not confined to just rows and columns.
•  Optionally show student photos.
Behavior Log
•  Custom — Customize your own discipline codes and disciplinary actions.
•  Good Behavior — Also log good behavior, merit points, parent contact logs, and non-disciplinary issues.
•  Referrals — Submit referrals online, so the office receives them immediately.
•  Alerts — Optionally alert parents for each incident. Also students see their own discipline log online, so they know they are accountable!
•  RTI — Monitor each student’s log to see if behavior is improving for Response To Intervention.
Lesson Plans & Curriculum Map
•  Create a library of lesson plans, and schedule them on the calendar.
•  Share lesson plan with other teachers.
•  Easily check how many assessments you have for each objective in each grading period.
TA’s & Team Teachers
•  Give TA’s their own login with restricted access, e.g., to enter scores without seeing students’ total grades.
•  Share some or all your classes with a team teacher(s), so you both can enter grades at the same time.
•  Grade Reports
•  Missing Assignments
•  Class Grade Lists
•  Gradebook Spreadsheet
•  Roll Sheets
•  Discipline Logs
•  Seating Charts
•  Rosters
•  Lesson Plans
See also Report Cards & SIS reports
Tech Specs
•  Cloud-hosted — Jupiter is cloud-hosted to save you thousands in IT costs, while providing maximum security, reliability, and scalability. We handle all maintenance, backups, and upgrades. No software or installation required, so implementation is fast and easy.
•   Browsers — Compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. (The LMS tests & lessons are not compatible with Internet Explorer 6-8 unless you install Chrome Frame.) No plug-ins required. The optional Juno Lockdown software (to prevent cheating on tests) requires Internet Explorer 9+ for Windows or Safari for Mac.
•   Mobile — Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Teachers can easily enter roll and grades, submit referrals, and monitor tests. Admins can receive referrals and locate students. Students can check grades and homework, and do their online homework anywhere. Parents can check grades, homework, attendance, and discipline.
•  Backups — Our servers are backed up nightly, and grades and attendance are backed up continuously, so you can restore them to any point in time.
•  Reliability — Our servers are optimized to handle millions of students, processing each webpage in less than half a second during peak hours! We use redundant disk drives, routers, and power generators for maximum uptime.
•  Role-based Security — Customize restrictions for teachers, clerks, counselors, AP’s, principals, TA’s, substitute teachers, etc.
•  Support — Technical support is available by phone or email. Because Jupiter is cloud-hosted, we can remotely view your account whenever you need support, and even adjust your settings for you. (For privacy, you may block us from seeing personally identifiable student information.) Most questions are answered in less than one hour.
FERPA & Security
Jupiter is fully FERPA compliant. All data is in your direct control and owned by you exclusively. No data is shared with third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

We use TLS/SSL encryption, and all passwords are salted and hashed for maximum security. We have proven defenses against malicious attacks: XSS, SQL injection, brute force, phishing, DDoS, and other exploits. All logins are logged and cross-referenced to identify suspicious activity and alert you immediately by email.

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The program is VERY user-friendly so even those teachers who don’t catch on to new technologies very quickly could also use it.
Joe Kleine
Wright City Middle School, MO