Jupiter iO
Higher Ed
Jupiter iO  is an all-in-one LMS, Gradebook, and Learning Analytics, scalable from a single department to multiple campuses. (For individual instructors see Jupiter One.)

Learning Management System

Create online tests, exercises, and benchmark assessments. Collect assignments online, and mark up essays online. Have online discussion forums, surveys, and peer reviews. Browse the EdStore and create a curriculum library for your school.


Powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Instructors save time on assignments and grade entry. Students are reminded of due dates. Instantly see which students are falling behind.

Learning Analytics

Turn data into decisions: Which textbooks are better? Which instructors are more effective? Which students are struggling? Compare instructors, sections, demographics, pre-tests, and control groups with easy, ready-made reports.

Schools especially love our technical support: We answer most email within 1 hour! Plus phone support.

Create rubric charts for any assignment, like 4/3/2/1 for essay content, style, and conventions.
•  Optionally weight rubrics toward total score.
•  Or enter points for each grading criterion or section, like multiple-choice and essay.
•  Share rubrics with colleagues.
Points, Percents, Grades
Enter scores however you prefer:
•  Points
•  Percents
•  Letter Grades or Rubrics
•  Adjustments for extra credit and penalties, like “25+2” or “40-5%”
Custom Special Marks
Customize special marks for excused, missing, etc.
Weighted Categories
Custom categories for exams, papers, participation, etc., weighted or unweighted.
Override or Adjust Grades
•  Override any student’s grade with any percent or mark, like INC or W.
•  Raise/lower any student’s grade by a given percent.
Drop Low Scores Automatically
Set how many assignments to drop from each category, like the 2 lowest quiz scores.
Curve Scores
Easily adjust everyone’s scores if a test was too hard or easy, without needing to change their raw scores. (It does linear interpolation, not just adding/subtracting a fixed number.)
Graph Impact on Grade
You and your students see how much each assignment raised or lowered their grade, so they know the consequences of a poor test grade or missing work.
Graph Grade Trends
Instantly see whose grades are falling, and who is improving.
Individualized Instruction
Give assignments for just one or some students.
Learning Management System
Insert Comments in Essays
Highlight text and insert comments directly in students’ writing assignments. Customize shortcuts for common comments, so it is actually faster than marking with a pen. Try it out!
Peer Reviews, Anonymous
•  Assign random peer reviews of essays, optionally anonymously. Peers highlight text and insert comments for the author (and you) to see.
•  Students may also initiate their own peer reviews from any student, or even non-students like tutors.
•  Have students post photos, videos, audio, and ideas online for peers to comment on. These critiques can be graded automatically.
Files, Google Drive, Dropbox
•  Post files in assignments, messages, and forums.
•  Students submit files for assignments. It shows you which students have new files to grade.
•  View and grade PDFs in a single browser window without needing to download files.
•  Get files directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.
Online Tests
Create your own exams, quizzes, and benchmark assessments for students to take online.
•  Most text documents can be imported, so it is easy to convert your old materials.
•  Tests may be printed as needed.
Adaptive Lessons
Create your own interactive tutorials, exercises, and workbooks.
•  Include images, audio, and video.
•  It gives immediate feedback after each answer, and automatically repeats missed questions till students have it mastered, so students learn faster.
7 Question Types
•  Multiple Choice
•  Multiple Answer
•  True-False
•  Matching
•  Sorting/Sequencing
•  Short Write-In
•  Long Write-In
Automatic Grading, Misspellings OK
Set answer keys to grade write-in answers automatically:
•  Multiple answer keys allowed.
•  Optionally accept misspellings and incorrect punctuation.
Anonymous Grading
When manually grading write-in answers:
•  Optionally hide student names, to help grade objectively.
•  Optionally grade one question at a time, viewing all student answers together, to help grade consistently (and faster).
Randomize Questions & Answers
Optionally randomize the order of questions and/or answers, so each student’s test is different (to deter cheating).
Time Limits, with Exceptions
Set times limits on tests, with exceptions for individual students with special needs.
Partial Credit
Optionally key some answers to receive partial credit.
Item Analysis
•  View how many students selected each wrong answer, to see what needs more instruction.
•  Reveal if any questions were unclear, so you can throw them out.
Lockdown Browser to Prevent Cheating
Prevent students from browsing the web or using other apps during tests. It also disables screenshots and copy/paste. (Requires installed browser, free)
Curriculum Library
Share your materials with other instructors, and create a curriculum library for your school. Or browse the EdStore for free materials.
Seating Charts
•  Drag-n-drop seats.
•  Seats may be positioned more flexibly than most other systems.
•  Optionally show student photos.
•  Randomly shuffle students to new seats.
Student Portal
Students login to see:
•  Current assignments for all classes on one screen, including upcoming tests
•  Reminders if any missing work
•  Grades
•  Messages & Discussion Forums
•  Files & Peer Reviews
•  Calendar of all assignments and tests
•  Personal Settings for notifications, contact info, etc.
Text & Email Alerts
Students may receive automatic text or email alerts for:
•  Low Grades
•  Missing Assignments
Messages, Discussion Forums, Surveys
Send announcements and have discussion forums for students and/or faculty.
•  Attach images and files
•  Group Discussions
•  Critiques, for people to post ideas or images, and give comments to each other
•  Q&A, for people to post questions and answer each other
•  Blogs
•  Surveys, with tabulated results
•  You can easily view and grade students for their participation in forums, and apply automatic grading formulas.
•  Send faculty messages to departments
•  Transcripts
•  Grade Reports
•  Missing Assignments
•  Class Grade Lists
•  Gradebook Spreadsheet
•  GPA / Eligibility
•  Grade Distribution by Course
Student Info:
•  Passwords for Students
•  Student Counts
•  Student Login Stats
•  Seating Charts
•  Class Rosters
Test Scores:
•  List Scores by Test/Student
•  Graph Bar Chart
•  Graph Proficiency Bands
•  Compare Instructors
•  Statistical Analysis
Team Teachers
Each section may have two or more instructors. The instructors see all details and can enter grades at the same time.
Instructors can easily share files, tests, curriculum, and rubrics.
TA Login
Give Teaching Assistants their own login. Select what they can access:
•  Enter Attendance
•  Enter Scores
•  View Grades & Reports
•  Send Messages
Staff Forums
Discussion forums are not just for students. Use them for staff, departments, and committees.
Learning Analytics
School, Department & Class Assessments
Warehouse and analyze test data:
•  Create department benchmark assessments
•  Use class exams from instructors’ gradebooks
•  Compare and graph data over multiple years.
•  See which students need the most help and track their longitudinal data to see who is not improving.
Compare Demographics & Instructors
Ready-made reports make it easy to analyze and compare groups:
•  Compare students by gender, race/ethnicity, and other custom groups.
•  Compare instructors, i.e., how much each instructors’ students improved over the course, or even across terms. Instructors may compare their teaching effectiveness to the rest of the school.
•  Compare campuses.
Easily compare pre-tests with post-tests. This is especially important when comparing different groups of students who may have started at different levels.
Control Groups
Compare two groups of students, like one group using the new curriculum and the other using the old, for more scientifically accurate analysis.
Statistical Significance
If test scores go up 2%, is that significant, or just random variance? Averages alone are not enough to tell. Jupiter applies a statistical T-test based on the pre-test and/or control group, standard deviation, and number of students, so you can scientifically prove if your school is really improving.
All-In-One App
Jupiter iO is a single app we developed in house, not separate apps acquired from third parties and bundled together. So for example, the moment a student takes an online test, the score is instantly available to everyone, without any data synchronization required.
Import/Export/SSO via Clever
Clever is a partner for turn-key integration with other apps:
•  Import from almost any 3rd party SIS
•  Export to hundreds of educational apps.
•  Access all your apps with one login (Single Sign On).
Custom Automated Import/Export
•  Customize import/export of almost any data
•  Set scheduled days and times
•  SFTP data files to/from your server or ours
Mobile App
For iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.
•  For instructors & students
•  Designed for touch screens
Use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer, on Windows, Mac, or Chromebook. No plug-ins required.
Cloud Hosted
Access your account from any computer or device. Nothing to install; no files to save. Upgrades are automatic.
Auto-Save & Auto-Logout
•  Changes are saved when you navigate to another screen (unlike other systems which require you to click Save on most screens).
•  Grades and attendance auto-save when idle.
•  Automatic Logout when idle, so students do not tamper with your account when you step away. Customize the time limit, or let it stay logged in forever.
Audit Logs & Undo Changes
•  Audit logs and undo any changes to grades and transcripts.
•  Undelete assignments, classes, etc.
Automatic Backups
Servers are backed up automatically every night to an off-site location.
Jupiter is scalable from a single department to multiple campuses. Our servers support millions of students at fast, reliable speeds.
Technical Support
•  Included, no extra fees.
•  By phone or email. Email responses usually within 1 hour during business hours.
•  Training available online or on-site (additional fee)
•  TLS/SSL encryption.
•  Passwords are salted and hashed.
•  Automatic text/email alerts for suspicious logins.
•  Access Logs are cross-referenced to identify intruders.
•  Role-based security with custom restrictions for instructors, TA’s, system admins, etc.
•  Proven defenses against malicious attacks: XSS, SQL injection, brute force, phishing, DDoS, and other exploits.
FERPA Compliant
Jupiter Ed is fully compliant with all requirements of FERPA under the “school official” exception. Your data is in your direct control, owned by you, and used only for legitimate educational interests and functions that school employees normally perform. No data is shared with third parties. See our Privacy Policy.
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Jupiter is a million times easier, faster, and smoother than the system my university uses. I am able to do more long-answer questions to increase the rigor of my courses, while still reducing the time I spend grading!
Dr. Stephanie Daugherty
University of Texas at Tyler

Your system is nothing short of amazing! I can’t think of any other tool that made grading so easy and intuitive. Most importantly, the teachers love it.
Adam Seldow
Harvard University, MA

Before, it took me days to grade paper exams. Now it only takes a couple hours. My family thanks you.
Valerie Lovely
Berklee College of Music, MA

Through the use of Jupiter, we have saved countless students from dropping out.
Jay Ober
Management Resources College, FL