Jupiter iO
Higher Ed
Jupiter iO  is a Learning Management System (LMS), scalable from a single department to multiple campuses with 100,000’s of students. (For individual instructors see Jupiter One.)
Create your own exams, quizzes, and benchmark assessments for students to take online.

Lockdown Browser to prevent browsing the web or using other apps during tests.

Webcam Monitoring to watch students taking tests at home.

Import tests from text documents.

9 Question Types

•  Multiple Choice
•  Multiple Answer
•  True-False
•  Matching
•  Sorting/Sequencing
•  Fill in the Blanks
•  Short Write-In
•  Long Write-In
•  Drawing/Graphing

Automatic Grading even for write-ins!

•  Multiple answer keys and partial credit allowed.
•  Accept misspellings and ignore punctuation.
•  Accept equivalent math expressions, e.g. it knows “xn-3” and “-3+n(x)” are the same.

Random Order of questions and answers.

Random Questions pulled from question banks.

Objectives aligned to each question for Standards-based grading.

Time Limits with exceptions for individuals with special needs.

Print tests as needed.

Item Analysis to see where students need more help, and to throw out unclear questions.

Re-Key tests to make corrections, even while students are still working!

Create your own interactive tutorials, exercises, and workbooks.

Instant Feedback after each question.

Drill missed questions automatically, like flash cards.

Multi-Media including images, audio, and video.

Automatic Speech to help non-native readers, special needs students, and aural learners.

Foreign Languages spoken, 35 supported!

Listening Comprehension questions, where text is spoken but not shown.

Create rubric charts for each assignment, like 4/3/2/1 for essay content, style, and conventions.

Or enter subtotal points for each requirement.

Weight each requirement toward total score.

Analyze class and department exams.

Compare Groups with ready-made reports:

•  Compare students by gender, race/ethnicity, and custom groups.
•  Compare instructors, i.e., how much each instructors’ students improved over the course.
•  Compare campuses.
•  Instructors may compare their own teaching effectiveness to the rest of the school.

Pre-Tests & Control Groups built-in for statistical analysis.

Statistical Significance calculated with a T-test (to determine if any increase was actual improvement or just random variance).

Graph results.

Longitudinal comparisons over multiple years. View students’ entire test history.

Text To
Math &
Students can hear tests and lessons read aloud automatically with lifelike speech synthesis.   Hear Example

Help Special Needs students, Aural Learners, and Language Learners.

35 Languages supported, plus regional dialects, e.g. Mexican Spanish vs. Spain.

Students may hear it spoken Slowly.

Make Listening Comprehension tests and exercises, where the text is spoken but not shown.

Intuitive equation editor built-in for math like
x =  −b ± b2 − 4ac 

Create math test questions that automatically accept equivalent math expressions,
e.g. where “xn - 3” and “-3 + n(x)” are both correct.

Graphing questions where students draw graphs directly in quizzes on X,Y coordinates or a numberline.

Shortcuts to type chemical equations without having to format sup/subscript, like

2H+ + CO32- → H2O + CO2
Students turn in files online, and you grade them online — no downloading.

Import files from Google and Dropbox.

Draw and type comments on PDFs and images, so students can do worksheets online or turn in photos of their work — no apps required!

Even apply a digital Sticker!

Shortcuts to insert comments in just two clicks, so grading essays is much faster.  Try it!

Let peers review each others’ essays and insert comments.

Exchange Random peer reviews, optionally Anonymous.

Students may also invite feedback from anyone, or even non-students like tutors.

Create a Forum for students to post their ideas, images, or videos for peers to comment on.
Set rules for automatic grading of participation.

Email, Text
& Alerts
Send email and text messages directly from Jupiter.

Set automatic Alerts for low grades, missing assignments, absences, and behavior.

Messages Translated automatically to each parent’s and student’s preferred language.

Send Announcements by grade level, course, section, team, or special groups.

Send Faculty messages by department.

Send Emergency Texts for school closures, etc.

Students, parents, and staff customize their email and text Preferences.

Everything is translated automatically to any language for non-English parents and students, including report cards, assignments, comments, email, and text alerts.
Send surveys to students, parents, or staff.

Use Multiple Choice questions or Ratings scales. Useful for Elections too!

Tabulate & Graph results automatically.

Optionally let recipients see results so far after they answer.

Online Discussions, Q&A, Critiques, and Blogs

Threaded or chronological

Post Images, Videos, and Audio

Student Participation stats with automatic grading formulas

Report and censor inappropriate posts.

For Faculty too

Students can anonymously report bullying to their counselor, teacher, or any trusted staff member.

Increase Reporting with 1) easy access from smartphones, 2) less embarrassment, and 3) less unwanted public attention.

Reply to students to while they remain Anonymous, so you can discuss it with them even when they are not ready to come forward.

They can attach Photos, Videos, and Screenshots — especially useful for Cyber-Bullying.

Also to report Cheating, Vandalism, Theft, Abuse, Addiction, or any counseling needs.

Share name and IP Address with law enforcement in emergencies.

Learn More

Student calendars:

•  Homework & tests
•  Class reminders
•  School reminders

Staff calendars for meetings, professional development, etc.

Embed the public calendar in your school website—with custom look and feel—so no more double entry!

Classroom Management
Apps &
Attendance recorded automatically from student login activity

Video Meeting links integrated

Turn In files/photos online

Write Feedback directly on files/photos

Discussion Forums

Online Tests

Interactive Lessons

Lockdown Browser and webcam monitoring of students taking tests at home

Google Drive & Dropbox

Google Classroom

LTI integration with hundreds of learning apps!

Clever sync rosters with any SIS and hundreds of educational apps — Learn More

Single Sign On access to all apps — Learn More

Automated SFTP imports & exports in custom data formats

Resource teachers and aides can View Grades and assignments of all their students in all classes — no progress reports required.

Assign Individual assignments.

Waive or extend Time Limits on tests.

Override Grades or raise a student’s grade by a given percent.

All teachers can view Special Needs of all their students.

Generate reports for all students with IEP’s, 504 Plans, etc.

Students see homework and grades for all their classes on One Screen.

Like a Personal Assistant, it shows what homework is due tomorrow, plus larger projects due soon, plus upcoming tests.

It reminds them if they are Missing any assignments.

They can check off homework from their To Do list as they complete assignments.

It highlights new Grades & Comments from their instructors.

The gradebook teachers love!



Any Grade Scale, with or without percents, like A/B/C/D/F, E/S/N, 4/3/2/1, etc.


Cumulative Grades across multiple grading periods, with optional weights like Qtr1 40%, Qtr2 40%, and Final Exam 20%.


Override grades with any percent or mark, like INC or W, or Raise/Lower their grade by a fixed percent.

Scores & Assignments


Customize Special Marks for excused, missing, etc.


Set a Minimum Score like 50% so it’s possible to recover from missing assignments or a bombed test.


Drop Low Scores from a category, like the 3 lowest homework scores or 1 lowest quiz.


Curve Scores on any assignment.


Assign Independent Study or Differentiated assignments.


Transfer Grades automatically when students transfer to a different section.

Grade Entry


Enter scores as Points, Percents, Letter Grades, or Rubrics.


Combine Sections on one screen.


What If grades, to show a student what their grade would be if they turned in missing work or redid a test.


Anonymous Grading so student names are hidden while you grade essays and written answers.


Grade One Question at a time for all students, for speed and consistency.


Enter Adjustments for extra credit and penalties, like “25+2” or “40-5%”.

Grade Reporting


Your dashboard shows who has climbing or Falling Grades so you can intervene.


Graph Grades distribution on any assignment or course total, plus Mean/Median.


Graph Impact of each assignment on the student’s grade, so they see the consequence of a bombed test or missing work.


Create Categories for Homework, Tests, etc., optionally weighted.

Create your Collection of lesson plans.

Schedule them on your Calendar.

Share your lesson plans with colleagues.

Drag-n-Drop seats (not limited to strict rows & columns).

Show student Photos.

Randomly Shuffle students to new seats.

Combine different sections that meet in the same period.

Each class section may have Multiple Instructors .

All teachers may View Grades and assignments of their students in all their classes — especially useful for resource teachers. (Admins may restrict this.)

Teaching Assistants may be given limited access to take roll and/or enter scores without seeing grades.

Substitute Teachers get a simple login to view lesson plans and seating charts, take roll, and leave comments for the teacher(s). Teachers may submit their lesson plans from home, and secretaries can print sub packets for all absent teachers at once.

Staff may Share Files, tests, assignments, rubrics, and interactive lessons with each other and organize a Curriculum Library.

Discussion Forums may be for staff, departments, and committees.

Fees &

Mail or email Invoices and view online.

Online Payments

Accept Credit, Debit, or ACH.

Add Convenience Fees for students to cover all or part of the transaction fees.

Direct Deposit nightly, optionally in separate accounts for each school

Student Auto-Pay

Card Reader to pay in person

Refund payments, full or partial.

Audit Trail, no risk of losing checks or cash

No Monthly Fees, and no mandated late fees. Use online payments as much or little as you want.

Increase giving with Online donations and monthly Auto-Pay.

Also track Check and Cash donations.

Accept donations from Alumni and your Community.

Define multiple Fundraisers.

Set Minimum and Suggested donations.

Track donations for each School.

Thermometer Graphs

Plan all classes needed to graduate for each student, and adjust as needed.

Automatically find students who are Off Track to graduate.

Define different requirements for Honors Tracks, etc.

Remote Roll recorded automatically based on student login activity.

Easy Shortcuts for quick entry by Seating Chart or Roll Sheet.

Attendance Grades calculated automatically.

Audit Log of who entered/changed roll, and extensive reporting

& Inventory
Records & Reports
& Reliability
Customize Discipline Codes and disciplinary actions.

Log Good Behavior, Merit Points, Rewards, contact with parents, and non-disciple issues.

Submit Referrals automatically to the student’s AP, counselor, homeroom teacher, or whichever admin you select.

Teachers may Log talking, disruptions, helping, etc.

Optionally Alert Parents for each incident, plus they may view all incidents online.

Track Detention, take attendance in detention hall, and track who skipped.

Let Teachers View students’ entire behavior history, including incidents from other teachers.

Compare Statistics over two date ranges, e.g. to see if new initiatives are making a difference, school-wide or for individuals.

Track Textbooks, Tablets, Laptops, Instruments, Calculators, other Books, Projectors, Lab Equipment — anything that students or teachers borrow.

Check Out items to students and teachers, and record their condition upon Check In.

Hold students accountable for Lost and Damaged items.

Locate where each item is stored or who has it.

Assign Lockers to students, both hall and gym lockers.

Show Locker Combos on schedule cards, and look up combos for students who forgot.

Student Locator and Teacher Locator

Automatic Staff Directory and Parent Directory

Google Drive integration to store student files, like IEP documents, immunization records, etc.

Custom Fields as checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, and text for Students, Parents, and Staff. Designate who can View and Edit each field.

Grade Reports

•  Transcripts
•  Grade Reports
•  Missing Assignments
•  Class Grade Lists
•  Gradebook Spreadsheet
•  GPA / Eligibility
•  Grade Distribution by Course

Student Reports

•  Passwords for Students
•  Student Counts
•  Student Login Stats
•  Seating Charts
•  Class Rosters

Test Score Reports

•  List Scores by Test/Student
•  Graph Bar Chart
•  Graph Proficiency Bands
•  Compare Instructors
•  Statistical Analysis

FERPA compliant, under the “school official” exception: Your data is in your direct control, owned by you, and used only for legitimate educational interests and functions that school employees normally perform.

No Ads and no data shared with 3rd parties (except the integrations you authorize)

Role-Based security with custom restrictions for instructors, TA’s, system admins, etc. Restrict access to sensitive data.


Encrypted connections and passwords and Two-Factor Authentication

Suspicious Logins detected automatically, with email/text alerts, and cross-referenced access logs to identify intruders (e.g. a student hacker)

Proven defenses against Malicious Attacks: XSS, SQL injection, brute force, phishing, DDoS, and other exploits

Automatic Logout with configurable time limit

PCI compliant for online payments


Scalable to 100,000’s of students with fast server speed.

Server Backups nightly to off-site location and redundant disks and hardware.

Auto Save

Offline Access supported if students lose their network connection during a test.

Upgrades & Patches installed automatically with Maximum Uptime.

Easily Undelete assignments, classes, etc.

Audit Log of all changes to grades, transcripts, and attendance, with easy Undo

We developed Jupiter entirely in-house as an All In One app, not separate apps acquired from third parties and bundled together. This avoids data-synchronization errors and data latency.


Cloud Hosted

Mobile App for Android, iPhone, iPad


Mac Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Windows Edge, Chrome, Firefox

No Plug-Ins required

Technical Support

Support Included by phone or email, no extra fees

Email responses usually Within 1 Hour during business hours!

Training available online or on-site

Video Tutorials and searchable Help Guide

Pricing / Demo
Contact us to try it for free
View our training tutorials
Jupiter is a million times easier, faster, and smoother than the system my university uses. I am able to do more long-answer questions to increase the rigor of my courses, while still reducing the time I spend grading!
Dr. Stephanie Daugherty
University of Texas at Tyler

Your system is nothing short of amazing! I can’t think of any other tool that made grading so easy and intuitive. Most importantly, the teachers love it.
Adam Seldow
Harvard University, MA

Before, it took me days to grade paper exams. Now it only takes a couple hours. My family thanks you.
Valerie Lovely
Berklee College of Music, MA

Through the use of Jupiter, we have saved countless students from dropping out.
Jay Ober
Management Resources College, FL