Total Cost of Ownership
Compare Jupiter iO against 3rd party systems
Teachers + Admins
IT avg. loaded salary
Jupiter iO Other LMS Other SIS
Cost per Student per year
Cost per Teacher/Admin per year
Setup Fees one time
Hosting Service per year
Servers & software one time
Training one time
Technical support per year per user
IT staff support full-time equivalent
Total over years

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This is just a projection of all your costs from all sources.

How can Jupiter iO cost so much less?

1. IT staffing  can be a big hidden cost. Schools surveyed stated they spend on average 10 times more hours supporting systems installed on their local servers than with cloud-based solutions.

2. Economy of scale.  A cloud data center hosts hundreds of school districts, so the server costs per user are much lower than any single school district. Jupiter Ed passes these savings on to you.

3. Architecture.  Most other LMS’s and SIS’s were originally developed as standalone software for a single district. Therefore, to provide cloud hosting, they must create a new virtual server for each account. Jupiter is unique because it was built from the ground up as a web application, so each of our servers holds thousands of accounts without any loss of privacy or performance.

4. All-in-one.  Each vendor has its overhead costs to cover, so an all-in-one from a single vendor is more cost effective than multiple systems from multiple vendors. Plus you don’t need to spend time and money integrating them together.