Full-featured Student Information System (SIS)
Simplify your workflow. Save time!
Monitor grades and homework in real time, and generate report cards.
Turn data into decisions!

Records & Reports
Student Locator and Teacher Locator

Automatic Staff Directory and Parent Directory

Google Drive integration to store student files, like IEP documents, immunization records, etc.

Custom Fields as checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, and text for Students, Parents, and Staff. Designate who can View and Edit each field.

Grade Reports

•  Report Cards — traditional or standards-based   (see sample)
•  Progress Reports
•  Transcripts — weighted & unweighted GPA, optionally include coursework in progress
•  Grade Reports
•  Missing Assignments
•  Class Grade Lists
•  Gradebook Spreadsheet
•  GPA / Eligibility
•  Standards Proficiency

Attendance Reports

•  Roll Sheets
•  Attendance Logs
•  Truancy Notices
•  Attendance on Date
•  Attendance by District
•  Average Daily Attendance

Discipline Reports

•  Discipline Logs
•  Discipline Stats
•  Merit Points Tallies

Student Reports

•  Passwords for Students/Parents
•  Locator Cards
•  Student Emergency Info
•  Student Schedules
•  Student Counts
•  Student/Parent Login Stats
•  Seating Charts
•  Class Rosters & School Rosters

Test Score Reports

•  List Scores by Test/Student
•  Graph Bar Chart
•  Graph Proficiency Bands
•  Compare Teachers
•  Statistical Analysis

Other Reports

•  Lesson Plans
•  Textbooks & Equipment Inventory
Period, Daily, and Half-Day attendance.

Alerts teachers who Forgot to take roll, and admins can view all who forgot.

Send Truancy Notices.

Excuse an entire team or class in advance for upcoming activities.

Easy Shortcuts for quick entry by Seating Chart or Roll Sheet.

Attendance Grades calculated automatically.

Remote Roll recorded automatically based on student login activity.

Average Daily Attendance

Extensive Reports

Audit Log of who entered/changed roll.

Diagnostic screen to identify and correct common mistakes.

Customize Discipline Codes and disciplinary actions.

Log Good Behavior, Merit Points, Rewards, contact with parents, and non-disciple issues.

Submit Referrals automatically to the student’s AP, counselor, homeroom teacher, or whichever admin you select.

Teachers may Log talking, disruptions, helping, etc.

Optionally Alert Parents for each incident, plus they may view all incidents online.

Track Detention, take attendance in detention hall, and track who skipped.

Let Teachers View students’ entire behavior history, including incidents from other teachers.

Compare Statistics over two date ranges, e.g. to see if new initiatives are making a difference, school-wide or for individuals.

Set Default consequences for each type of incident.

Post Breakfast and Lunch menus.

Teachers submit Lunch Counts along with their attendance.

Accept Online Payments for lunch plans.

& Inventory

Compare Groups with ready-made reports:

•  Compare schools.
•  Compare students by gender, race/ethnicity, IEP, etc.
•  Compare teachers, e.g., showing how each math teachers’ students improved since the end of last year.
•  Teachers may compare their own teaching effectiveness to the rest of the school.

Pre-Tests & Control Groups built-in for statistical analysis.

Statistical Significance calculated with a T-test (to determine if any increase was actual improvement or just random variance).

Graph results.

Longitudinal comparisons over multiple years. View students’ entire test history.

Import state test scores, or analyze scores from all teachers’ gradebooks.

Track Textbooks, Tablets, Laptops, Instruments, Calculators, other Books, Projectors, Lab Equipment — anything that students or teachers borrow.

Check Out items to students and teachers, and record their condition upon Check In.

Hold students accountable for Lost and Damaged items.

Locate where each item is stored or who has it.

Assign Lockers to students, both Hall and Gym lockers.

Students see their Locker Combos online, and admins can look them up.

Import & Export data in custom data formats:
•  Students & Contacts
•  Staff
•  Courses, Sections, Rosters
•  Standards
•  Test Questions (Juno Pods)
•  Test Scores
Export only:
•  Grades, Transcripts
•  Assignments, Scores
•  Attendance
•  Behavior
•  Fees, Payments, Donations
•  Form Responses
•  Student/Parent Logins

Schedule Automated SFTP imports & exports to/from your server or ours.

Clever automatically syncs data from any SIS or to hundreds of educational apps. — Learn More

& Reliability
Jupiter works the way you do, not the other way around.

Custom Fields as checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, and text for Students, Parents, and Staff. Designate who can View and Edit each field.

Custom Attendance Codes for Daily, Half-Day, and Period attendance.

Custom Discipline Codes and disciplinary actions.

Custom Data Format for import and export.

Customize default Grade Settings for teachers, and optionally lock them to prevent changes.


FERPA compliant, under the “school official” exception: Your data is in your direct control, owned by you, and used only for legitimate educational interests and functions that school employees normally perform.

No Ads and no data shared with 3rd parties (except the integrations you authorize)

Role-Based security with custom restrictions for teachers, clerks, counselors, APs, principals, TAs, substitute teachers, system admins, etc. Restrict access to sensitive data.


Encrypted data and connections, and Two-Factor Authentication

Suspicious Logins detected automatically, with email/text alerts, and cross-referenced access logs to identify intruders (e.g. a student hacker)

Proven defenses against Malicious Attacks: XSS, SQL injection, brute force, phishing, DDoS, and other exploits

Automatic Logout with configurable time limit

PCI compliant for online payments


Scalable to 100,000s of students with fast server speed.

Server Backups nightly to off-site location and redundant disks and hardware.

Auto Save

Offline Access supported if students lose their network connection during a test (Juno Pod).

Upgrades & Patches installed automatically with Maximum Uptime.

Easy to Undelete assignments, classes, etc.

Audit Log of all changes to grades, transcripts, and attendance, with easy Undo

We developed Jupiter entirely in-house as an All In One app, not separate apps acquired from third parties and bundled together. This avoids data-synchronization errors and data latency.


Cloud Hosted

Mobile App for Android, iPhone, iPad


Mac Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Windows Edge, Chrome, Firefox

No Plug-Ins required

Technical Support

Support Included by phone or email, no extra fees

Email responses usually Within 1 Hour during business hours!

Training available online or on-site

Video Tutorials and searchable Help Guide

Block Periods, Rotating schedules, and multiple Calendars

Students make Course Requests online and prioritize their choices.

Optionally require Parent Approval online and allow special requests.

Staff may make Course Recommendations for each student, and require approval for certain courses.

Automatic Scheduling

Balance sections by Class Size, Gender Balance, and student preference.

Balance sections by Skill Level, e.g., it checks each student’s past math grades when placing them in math classes.

Balance sections by Discipline history, so you do not have too many difficult students in the same class.

Prioritizes students who need a course to Graduate.

Prevent specific students from being in the same class together or having specific teachers.

Create Multiple Drafts to compare different scheduling scenarios. View metrics on each draft.

Automatic Walk-In scheduling for a single student

Standard subscriptions include manual scheduling.
Requires upgrade to the Scheduler module for course requests and automatic scheduling.

Plan all classes needed to graduate for each student, and adjust as needed.

Automatically find students who are Off Track to graduate.

Define different requirements for Honors Tracks, etc.

Customize College requirements to see if student is on track for the college of their choice.

Requires upgrade to the Scheduler module.

Everybody Wins!
Real-time access to student grades, tests, homework, behavior,
and attendance.
Reduce paperwork,
streamline workflows.
IT Techs
All-in-one built on
single database for maximum performance and reliability.
Teacher accounts prepared and easily supported by admins.
Maximum teacher buy in!
Single login to see all their children’s grades, fill enrollment forms, and make payments.
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Pricing / Demo
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