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Updates Sept 2023

View Schedules — Admins with A2 permission can now view schedule screens as read-only.

New York Standards — The state learning standards have been added for New York.

Paste Recipients — You may now paste a list of students or staff when addressing a message or logging behavior.

Student Lockers — Students may now see their lockers and combinations on their Settings screen.

Updates July 2023

Hyperlinked Text — You may type hyperlinks with custom text.

Minimum Score for Percents — The minimum score (like 55%) may apply to Percent scores as well as Point scores. Admins set this schoolwide policy on Setup Grading Defaults.

Export Rounded Percent — Exporting grades may round percents to integers.

Behavior Notifications — It's now easier to monitor your students' behavior schoolwide by getting a notice of any new referrals/incidents, even if not referred to you. See Setup > My Account > Notifications.

Behavior Notes for Admins Only — Staff Notes for discipline, etc. may be restricted to admins only.

Email a Button-Link for Behavior — New option to email a direct link to the Behavior Log for parents/students.

Message to All Teachers of Students — This option is now for available for teachers as well as admins.

Export Enrollment Status — Exporting students may include status like "Enrolled", "Withdrawn", "Registering", etc.

Add Cohort to Section — See Schedule > Section > "Copy all students from..." to add a cohort of students to a class.

Refund Cash/Check — New options for recording refunds (so you don't need to enter it as a "fee").

Billing Families — You may invoice each student separately instead of by family. See Setup Billing & Payments

Teacher Activity Report — Admins (G2) may now monitor how often teachers are entering assignments. See Reports.