Help more students
report bullying.
The sad truth is that too many students are bullied, and they don't always report it. Sometimes they feel ashamed of being a victim. Sometimes they don’t want to draw public attention to themselves. Sometimes they just don't want to wait in the office.

Jupiter provides a unique solution: Students can send anonymous messages to their counselor, teacher, or any trusted staff member. Because it is anonymous, students avoid the embarrassment and stigma. And because they can use their smartphones, they can do it immediately, and bystanders can send videos and photos. The big benefit is that more students report bullying.

Cyber-bullying can be difficult to catch, especially if the message is deleted before you can see it, like Snapchat. But Jupiter lets students submit screenshots with their anonymous messages.

Jupiter lets you correspond with the student while they remain anonymous, to offer them emotional guidance even when they are not ready to come forward yet. You can also refer the incident to include another staff member in the conversation, and in emergencies the student’s name can be revealed for police.

This hotline can also be used to report cheating, vandalism, theft, fighting, abuse, addiction, or any problems at home. Some students might find it easier and safer chatting online than waiting for an appointment, so you might find more students coming forward to seek help.

Use Jupiter to help more students stand up to bullying!