Your Data in
Your Control
Security & FERPA

FERPA — Jupiter is fully compliant with all requirements of FERPA under the "school official" exception. Your data is in your direct control, owned by you, and used only for legitimate educational interests and functions that school employees normally perform. No data is shared with third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

Encryption — Jupiter encrypts data in transit and at rest. All passwords are salted and hashed using multiple algorithms for maximum security.

Network Security — We have proven defenses against malicious attacks: cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, brute force, phishing, distributed denial of service (DDoS), and other exploits.

Suspicious Activity — All logins are logged and cross-referenced to identify suspicious activity and alert you immediately by text or email. And Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds even more protection.

Role-Based Security — Set custom restrictions for teachers, clerks, counselors, AP’s, principals, TA’s, substitute teachers, etc. to prevent them from seeing or changing certain data.

Backups — Our servers are backed up nightly to an off-site location, and they have redundant hard drives (RAID) so no data is lost in case of hardware failure. If anyone gains unauthorized access, you may selectively undo changes to grades and attendance without needing to rollback the entire database.