Public K-12
Jupiter is an all-in-one solution that simplifies communications with students, parents, and staff.
& Text
Student/Parent Portal
Send Email and Text messages directly from Jupiter to students, parents, and staff.
And/or view messages within Jupiter.

Send Announcements by grade level, class, course, team, or special groups.

Send Staff messages by department.

Send Emergency texts for school closures. They get higher priority and are sent first.

Students, parents, and staff customize their own email and text Preferences.

Admins can Monitor and Search all messages schoolwide. Everything recorded for compliance.

Parents and students may receive automatic alerts for:
•  Low Grades
•  Missing Assignments
•  Absences
•  Behavior
Everything is translated automatically to any language for non-English parents and students, including report cards, assignments, comments, email, and text messages.
Mobile App or Web Browser for students, parents, and staff.

Students & Parents have private access to their:

•  Current Grades & Report Card
•  Homework
•  Missing Assignments
•  Files
•  Send/Receive Messages
•  Attendance
•  Behavior Log
•  Forums
•  Billing, Payments, Donations
•  Enrollment & Forms
•  Course Requests
•  Staff Directory
•  Calendar & Class Schedule
•  Locker Combo
Student & Parent calendars:

•  Homework & tests
•  Class reminders
•  School reminders
•  Bell schedules
•  Team games & practices
•  Club activities
•  Cafeteria menus

Staff calendars for meetings, professional development, fire drills, etc.

Embed the public calendar in your school website—with custom look and feel.
No more double entry!

Online Discussions, Q&A, Critiques, and Blogs

For Students, Parents, or Staff.

Threaded or chronological

Post Images, Videos, and Audio

Student Participation stats with automatic grading formulas

Report and censor inappropriate posts.

Send surveys to students, parents, or staff.

Use Multiple Choice questions or Ratings scales. Useful for Elections too!

Tabulate & Graph results automatically.

Optionally let recipients see results so far after they answer.

Students can anonymously report bullying to their counselor, teacher, or any trusted staff member.

Increase Reporting with 1) easy access from smartphones, 2) less embarrassment, and 3) less unwanted public attention.

Reply to students to while they remain Anonymous, so you can discuss it with them even when they are not ready to come forward.

They can attach Photos, Videos, and Screenshots — especially useful for Cyber-Bullying.

Also to report Cheating, Vandalism, Theft, Abuse, Addiction, or any counseling needs.

Share name and IP Address with law enforcement in emergencies.

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Everybody Wins!
Send and receive everything directly
from the gradebook.
No switching apps!
Easily reach all parents and students, especially in emergencies.
IT Techs
No data to sync.
No maintenance needed. Uses Jupiter email and text servers. Everything logged for compliance.
& Parents
Always informed.
Easy to reach teachers and ask for help.
Pricing / Demo
Pricing / Demo
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The communication between students, parents and teachers is one of the reasons why our test scores are the highest in the state.
Clark Trowell
Rancho Pico Jr. High, CA
Parents are always aware of their kids’ standing in the class at all times and work gets turned in without ever having to make a call or send an email home. It is INVALUABLE!!!
Lee Van Cauwenberghe
Stanley Knowles School, MB
Thank you for making communication with parents a breeze! What a great way to keep parents informed, challenge students to stay caught up, and help teachers focus on teaching instead of bookkeeping. Super!
Glenn Kory
Creekside Middle School, CA