Remote Learning  is easy and efficient for teachers, students, and parents, thanks to the thoughtfully designed features in Jupiter:

To Do List  for all the student’s classes clearly organized on one screen, so they do not lose track of assignments.

Assignments & Grades  all in one place. No double-entry!

Remote Attendance  recorded automatically. Students simply login for the required time.

Turn in Photos  of handwritten work. Draw feedback directly on the photo (no download/upload). Students see when their work is returned.

Online Writing  assignments let you comment directly in the text, like Google Docs but more specialized for grading.

Online Discussion  forums, blogs, and surveys.

Interactive Lessons  are easy to create, with images, videos, and practice questions for students to try with immediate feedback.

Online Tests  automatically graded for multiple choice, matching, and more. Quickly grade write-in answers or set answer keys.

Text & Email  fully integrated, so all messages and forums are in one place.

Mobile App  for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Your system has been amazing — an easy transition, and students without wifi have no problem completing assignments on cellular because your system is so efficient and fantastic.
Dr. Stephanie Daugherty
University of Texas at Tyler

Man, has Jupiter come through for us! We can’t tell you how much we love the online tests and lessons. We are pretty obsessed.
Bo Faser
Great Hearts Academies, AZ

Jupiter has been going above and beyond to make this new reality as easy as possible. I am truly appreciative of your design and development.
Ryan Washabaugh, VP
Armbrust Christian Academy, PA

Your platform is more intuitive and quicker than Google Classroom! :)
Lisa Hadley-Hill
Windsor High School, CA